Science Reflection


How do scientists bridge the gap between data and interpretation? What plays into decision making in research? Reflecting upon science is (or should be) part of any research endeavour in any discipline. It can be done more or less systematically, but any way it helps researchers to take a step back, view their work from a different angle or from a distance, so that pitfalls become visible early on. Even more so if it proceeds in dialogue with others.


Presentation and discussion “Science Reflection”

Thursday, November 9th, 2023

Moderators: Veronika Lipphardt, Philipp Kellmeyer, Sabrina Livanec

We appreciate that you discussed with us the importance of science reflection as an integral part of BrainWorlds and how scientists at all career levels benefit from it.

Responsible Persons


Veronika Lipphardt

Science Reflection Hub coordinator

Sabrina Livanec

Science Reflection Hub coordinator

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